Strategic Energy Consulting & Analysis

Resource Refocus provides innovative, technical consulting on energy use in buildings to help building industry stakeholders design and deliver zero net energy, zero carbon, and energy efficiency research, projects, and initiatives.

Building Science Consulting

OUr Focus

Since 2010, the Resource Refocus team has applied its technical expertise in building science, engineering, and policy in order to research and  accelerate implementation of zero net energy and zero carbon building. Our technical staff have advanced educational backgrounds in physics, building technologies, and engineering. Our team has in-depth experience in building energy research and demonstration projects.

Our inclusive approach to scaling sustainable building practices combines scientific expertise with stakeholder and industry outreach. We diligently work every day to transform the built environment into a healthy, sustainable space for people and our planet.


Our Clients

We develop collaborative, long-term client relationships. Our recurring clients include utilities, state agencies, energy modeling and monitoring firms, and research universities. We are experts at developing projects with teams and partners, spanning from strategic project management to cutting-edge research and building energy performance simulation. Our team can mobilize quickly to supplement technical work on ongoing projects.

Our primary work to date has focused on achieving strategic zero net energy goals in California. We are expanding to include zero carbon projects, national codes and standards team expertise, and projects and clients nationwide.