ZNE Buildings, DG, and the Electricity System

Resource Refocus LLC worked with the PG&E Zero Net Energy Pilot Program and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to coordinate the forum "Zero Net Energy Buildings, Distributed Generation and the Electricity System: New Types of Relationships." The event was held at the Brower Center in Berkeley, CA, on March 6, 2012.

At the event, RMI presented key findings from a study conducted for PG&E. The event also included a moderated panel of key stakeholders, including:

  • Christine Page - Director of Climate and Energy Strategy, Yahoo! Inc.

  • Kenneth Munson - President and CEO, Sunverge Energy, Inc.

  • Stephen Frantz - Program Planner, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

  • Victor Olgyay - Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

  • Nolan Zail - Senior Vice President of Development, Carmel Partners

  • David Rubin - Director of Service Analysis, PG&E

The final RMI report, "Net Energy Metering, Zero Net Energy and The Distributed Energy Resource Future: Adapting for the 21st Century," can be downloaded from the RMI website here. You can also read an RMI blog post about issues raised in the report here.