ZNE House at Energy Training Center

Video developed by Leviathan / www.lvthn.com

PG&E’s new Energy Training Center in Stockton contains a house that is designed to be Zero Net Energy (ZNE). As visitors walk through the house, they can use an iPad to explore the energy efficiency and other sustainability features related to the room that they are  in. An interactive display shows how much energy the house is modeled to use. Visitors can see a  breakdown of  the different end uses as well as patterns over time. These results are also compared to those of a code minimum home from 2005 to show the magnitude of the improvement and which end uses are responsible for the difference.

Dr. Carrie Brown of Resource Refocus conducted the energy analysis for the project, providing the energy models behind the interactive dashboard. She also contributed to the choice of energy efficiency features and provided content to help highlight these features in different areas of the house..

Leviathan, which designed the interactive digital displays, released a video on June 1, 2016, that demonstrates some of the features, including the interactive dashboard.