Supply Chain Innovations Supporting Residential ZNE (2017)

Client: Zero Net Energy, PG&E

On behalf of PG&E, Resource Refocus coordinated a forum on May 10, 2017, in Berkeley, CA titled “Supply Chain Innovations Supporting Residential ZNE”.

Expert speakers discussed the role that builder supply chain and subcontractor relationships play in the development of new zero net energy (ZNE) homes. The forum included recent project case studies, perspective from the supplier side, discussion of program and training resources and lessons learned, and discussion of scaling from single ZNE prototypes to ZNE communities.


Bob Massaro - CEO, Thriving Communities, LLC

George Koertzen - Construction Manager, Habitat for Humanity San Joaquin County

Gabriel Torres - Project Manager and Vice President of Operations, Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association, Inc. (CHISPA)

Curt Rich - President and CEO, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

Garth Torvestad - Senior Project Manager, ConSol

Melissa Buckley - Associate Project Manager, TRC Energy Services

Brandon De Young - Executive Vice President, De Young Properties

Ram Narayanamurthy - Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The presentations from all of the speakers are available on Dropbox here.

Future-proofing ZNE buildings in California (2016)

Client: Zero Net Energy, PG&E

On behalf of PG&E, Resource Refocus coordinated a forum on November 29, 2016, in Berkeley, CA titled “Future-proofing ZNE buildings in California: What is the best course forward when the goals and metrics evolve and change?”. 

Expert speakers from California government agencies, research, and industry discussed zero net energy (ZNE) policy directions, grid impacts of buildings using different ZNE definitions, and implications on the utility, portfolio, and building scales.

SESSION 1 - ZNE Policy Directions

Maziar Shirakh - Senior Engineer, High Performance Buildings Office, California Energy Commission

Dr. Cathy Fogel - Senior Analyst, Energy Efficiency Branch, California Public Utilities Commission

Dana Papke Waters - Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board

SESSION 2 - Grid Impacts of ZNE Buildings

Dr. Paul Torcellini - Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Snuller Price - Senior Partner, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3)

Ram Narayanamurthy - Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

SESSION 3 - Putting ZNE into Practice at Scale

Will Vicent - Project Manager, Emerging Products Group, Southern California Edison

Matt St.Clair - Director of Sustainability, University of California Office of the President

The presentations from all of the speakers are available on Dropbox here.


Client: Zero Net Energy, PG&E

On behalf of PG&E, Resource Refocus coordinated a presentation of measured zero net energy (ZNE) performance on November 4, 2015, in Berkeley, CA.

Expert speakers discussed results and lessons from monitoring ZNE buildings over time, best practices for setting performance targets and getting actionable performance information, and things that have surprised them about monitored ZNE buildings.


(PDF) Dr. Jon Roberts, The Cadmus Group

(PDF) David Kaneda, Integral Group

(PDF) Dylan Connelly, Integral Group


(PDF) Shanti Pless, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

(PDF) John Elliot­t, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


(PDF) Dr. Edward Dean, Bernheim + Dean, Inc.

(PDF) Abhijeet Pande, TRC Companies, Inc.

(PDF) Dr. Carrie Brow­n, Resource Refocus LLC

Building Operator Certification Course management (2014)

Client: Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

Honda Smart Home Zero Net Energy DemonStration & Evaluation (2014)

Client: Zero Net Energy / Emerging Technologies Program, PG&E

Project Team: TRC

The demonstration event was organized by Resource Refocus LLC, and the evaluation report was completed by TRC. The full report is posted on the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council site here.

Presentation of ZNE Residential Project Consultations (2014)

Client: Zero Net Energy, PG&E

On behalf of PG&E, Resource Refocus coordinated a presentation of the results of zero net energy (ZNE) residential project consultations on March 27, 2014, in Berkeley, CA.

The projects were presented by the technical consultant teams engaged by PG&E to assist project teams in designing and/or monitoring their ZNE projects. In addition, a residential program manager highlighted upcoming changes to residential PG&E incentive programs, and the CPUC provided an overview of the larger statewide ZNE residential issues and goals.


(PDF) Presentation by Peter Turnbull, PG&E


(PDF) Presentation by Alea German, Davis Energy Group

(PDF) Project Handout - Cottle House

Honda Smart Home

(PDF) Presentation by Bill Dakin, Davis Energy Group

(PDF) Project Handout - Honda Smart Home

De Young ZNE Home

(PDF) Presentation by Rob Hammon, BIRAenergy

(PDF) Project Handout - De Young ZNE Home

Update on Statewide ZNE Residential Goals

(PDF) Presentation by Cathy Fogel, California Public Utilities Commission

Update on PG&E Residential Incentive Programs

(PDF) Presentation by Conrad Asper, PG&E

West Village, UC Davis

(PDF) Presentation by Greg Risko, Noresco

(PDF) Presentation by Chris Hammer, Sustainable Design + Behavior


Client: Zero Net Energy Pilot Program, PG&E

Resource Refocus developed the "Zero Net Energy for Non-Residential Buildings Class Series" in coordination with the PG&E Pacific Energy Center and ZNE Pilot Program staff. The series kicked off September 5, 2012, with Mara Baum from HOK and ran through October 29, 2012. 

PG&E produced a video about ZNE trainings to promote the series. You can watch the video here.