ZNE Public School Retrofits - CAlifornia Proposition 39

Governor Brown’s “50/50/50” plan seeks to reduce energy consumption of all existing buildings, residential and non-residential, by 50% by 2030. The investor owned utilities are working in tandem with California Proposition 39, the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012, to help school districts retrofit existing buildings to ZNE. The offering includes design assistance, construction inspections, incremental cost buy down, and performance monitoring. As of summer 2018 there are 12 schools participating, including 7 in PG&E territory.

ZNE Production Builder Demonstration

PG&E is supporting production builders to upgrade one of their existing prototypes to be ZNE by offering design and energy modeling assistance, one year of energy performance monitoring of the occupied home, and incremental cost buy down. PG&E funds consultant contributions and provides the builder with a cost reimbursement to offset the cost of upgraded equipment and ancillary costs throughout the build. As of summer 2018, homes from six builders are occupied and monitored, and a second round of five builders is beginning to participate.

Resource Refocus worked on the development and scoping of both rounds of the demonstration offering. We are providing project management and technical oversight, some iterative energy modeling, and secondary analysis of the modeling and monitoring data. We are also developing short case studies of each project to supplement the longer technical reports.


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